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Challenger for 9th Congressional District Guest on Two Way Radio

Mercersburg nurse Karen Ramsburg  has announced she is a candidate for the 9th Congressional District, a  seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster. She will be a guest on Dave Barger’s TWO Way Radio today.

Ramsburg describes herself as a nurse, mother and author. She is running as an independent. She thinks it’s time for the 99 percent of the American people who have been forgotten to have representation on Capitol Hill.

Ramsburg, 50, the mother of an 18-year-old daughter, is to date the only opposition for Shuster, who has served in the House since 2001. A nurse for 18 years, Ramsburg said she will use social media and plans to run a grassroots campaign of $10 and $20 donations to purchase yard signs for the fall race.

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02/21/2012 9:35PM
Challenger for 9th Congressional District Guest on Two Way Radio
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02/22/2012 1:09PM
Altoona Resident
Karen must have said "you know" a hundred times during the interview. Also, we are a republic not a democracy as she said several times.
02/22/2012 6:46PM
Ramsburg is pro life and supports the 2nd Amendment. I love the way she attacks Shuster. She has my vote.
02/22/2012 7:21PM
American worker
It is what they stand for that matters not how many times someone say you know. Shuster may not sau you know but he sure doesn't stand for anything either.
02/22/2012 7:26PM
American Worker
I apologize for the spellings I acidentally hit click me and it posted the captcha before I had a chance to edit it
02/23/2012 10:51AM
I am not a Shuster supporter but he is also pro life and supports the 2nd amendment. Karen is just another selt wing liberal that we don't need, "you know."
02/23/2012 10:54AM
S/B left not selt. Sorry, you know.
02/23/2012 11:59AM
Karen Ramsburg
Gordo - Your response sounds as if anyone who believes in Liberalism should be ashamed of their beliefs. Here is some of what Liberalism has done for America: ended child labor, gave women the right to vote, gave us the 40 hr. work week, the 8 hr. day, overtime pay, the right to a say in the decisions that affect our lives, work place safety laws, clean water, clean air, safer products, workman's comp if injured on the job, unemployment ins., weekends off, the New Deal that pulled us out of the Depression, the Civil Rights Act,and the Voting Rights Act. And what have Conservatives done over the last 100 years? Nothing except oppose all of these things. Shame on you for supporting politicians who try to take Democracy away from ordinary people.
02/23/2012 1:17PM
I just happened to hear your interview on the radio and what I heard is another big government liberal. I wouldn't mind seeing a conservative run against Shuster but don't see that happening. Some of the things that you mention that liberalism has done for America is not in the best interest of America. BTW, the new deal had nothing to do with pulling us out of the depression. There is nothing wrong with working more than 40 hours a week and working some weekends. I had to do it most of my life. To be successful in life you must do what the unsuccessful person does not do. Automatic pay raises and raising the debt ceiling is ludicrous.
02/23/2012 1:27PM
Karen Ramsburg
The things that you call unnecessary are the very things that pulled us out of Depressions caused by wealth redistribution to the rich and privatization. Bailing out Wall Street crooks and pretending that the rich made themselves rich all by themselves is ludicrous. They got rich using a lot of the things our tax dollars paid for such as roads, bridges, schools, small business grants and loans and tax cuts and subsidies that we all paid for. Unless you are in the top 1% you are voting against your own best economic interests. Keep voting for a Congressman like Bill Shuster and America will begin to look like Greece economically.
02/23/2012 2:10PM
Are you saying the rich didn't pay taxes? Are the rich not supposed to use the roads and schools? When did you ever get hired by a poor person? Who pays the majority of fed taxes? I believe somewhere around 45% of the population pays no fed income tax at all. Big government has to stop, however, I think it is too late for that. What is breaking the USA is big government spending. Anmerica already looks like Greece and I believe it is because of big spenders like Obama and the democratic party.
02/23/2012 2:19PM
American Worker
Gordo, We need to tax the wealthy more not to punish success but to charge them a fair free market price for the government services they use. Corporate welfare costs the U. S. taxpayer about 400 billion dollars a year. Welfare for those left behind to hold down wages in this economy get about $116 billion in services every year. Here are just some of the feeding troughs for the rich: Military waste and fraud $172 Billion Oil and gas subsidies $ 4 billion nuclear subsidies $ 7.1 billion a year mining subsidies 3.5 billion a year and Ag subsidies $18 Billion a year. What ppprosperity America has seen since Ronald Reagan has been debt fueled and based on economic bubbles like housing or the Dot.coms.
02/23/2012 2:32PM
American Worker
Gordo, The biggest spenders ever are the Republicans like Shuster that you may have voted for. The federal budget has only been balanced twice in my lifetime, Lyndon Johnson in the 1960's and as much as I hate to admit it Bill Clinton. The current federal deficit was rung up by GWB on two unpaid for wars, tax cuts for the Rich, and the economic crash of 2007 that we are still in no matter what the current administration says.The Rich don't pay anywhere near what they should but we will settle for the 39% it was under Clinton. As for those who do not pay taxes I guess if they were paid a fair wage maybe they could but it sure is tiring working and having my tax dollars spent subsidizing Wal-Marts low wages so that workers who work full time still qualify for food stamps and health care and section 8 housing.I will bet most of them would love to earn a fair wage.
02/23/2012 3:42PM
I agree that there is way too much spending by both parties. I also agree that the budget s/b balanced every year. People pay taxes. Raise the tax on the "rich" and it is added to the goods and services that they provide. Just like increasing the minimum wage. What happens? Either the employer doesn't hire part time help or the employer has to raise the price of the goods or services rendered. So, who wins? The crash in 07, from what I have read, was for the most part due to the housing market. Too many people were in houses that the could not afford. That program started way back under Jimmy Carter and enhanced by Clinton. Our current president has raised the debt more in three years than GW did in eight years. Obama instead of correcting the spending of GWB he made it worse. Tell the people that work at WalMart to quit if they don't like it. Usually tax cuts for the rich result in more taxes brought into the US treasury. Think back to JFK. That was his belief. He did it and it worked. Government programs do not help anybody. Everything the government trys to do costs too much and is a flop. Frankly, I get tired of the class envy that seems to prevail in our country today. I am glad to see people succeed because of hard work and the opportunities enjoyed in the USA.
02/23/2012 6:30PM
The federal government was intended to protect the people, not provide.
02/23/2012 9:41PM
Karen Ramsburg
Our government is not protecting its citizens because corporations have bought up most of our elected officials like Bill Shuster who is decriminalizing Big business while pocketing the campaign cash. Our we to trust a corporate CEO to determine how clean our water is?
02/23/2012 11:27PM
American Worker
Ron Paul is the new Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island.The whole self made man thing is a pure fiction. Where would business be without Taxpayer investment in researh and devlopment, in the internet, building roads and other infrastructure and that doesn't even get into the public schools. Find any millionaire and behind him you will find, friends, family, associates, teachers, coaches, and hard working employees that helped him succeed. It is also corporations that use the U. S. military to protect their interests as in Oil in Iraq. Taxing the rich is not punishing success it is making sure the next generation of young people will even have a chance at the opportunity to succeed.Also tax cuts for the Rich has never really raised revenues. Look up david Stockman Reagan's Budget Director who stated that Supply side economics was one big fraud to create a phony crisis so they could cut social programs.
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