"Blair County Democrats Protest Against Rush Limbaugh & WRTA at Radio Campus"
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03/12/2012 1:03PM
Blair County Democrats Protest Against Rush Limbaugh & WRTA at Radio Campus
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03/12/2012 2:33PM
B C Democrats
Bill Maher called Sarah Pelin the C word.Obama accepted one million from him. What do the BC dems say about that?
03/12/2012 2:45PM
unemployment rampant, gas prices steadly rising, economy is in the tank and the Dems are protesting Rush Limbaugh. THis is whats wrong with their party, priorities.
03/12/2012 7:42PM
Rush Limbaugh
To who it may concern. I have been listening to Rush for years. If you decide to cancel his program I would gladly lead a boycot against your radio station. This is just another move to silence consrevative radio. Now, will you cave to the pressure? Whatis next? Your are only contributing to your own demise. WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!
03/13/2012 8:45AM
The Dems will do anything to get rid of the conservative speaking Rush. He is seen as a threat to the main stream media's control "of the message" going out to the people. Rush is needed! Keep him, please!!
03/13/2012 9:20AM
B C democrats
Where were their protests while Bill Mahar was calling women names. How about Ed Shults calling Laura Ingram names. How about David Letterman. These people are still on the air. Keep Rush. They can turn him off.
03/13/2012 2:11PM
It doesn't matter what WRTA does, America's going over it's head. The First Amendment guarantees the right to protest, and the free market (sponsors) has spoken. Bye, Rush!
03/14/2012 12:44AM
BCD's Double Standard
I witnessed the BCD and Frank Rosenhoover publicly and loudly denigrate one of their own because the woman(!) didn't want to attend this protest against Rush, as it is "not her thing" (to protest publicly). And then I see Frank Rosenhoover being quoted as saying we need to get that "pig" off the air. That's Democratic liberal hipocracy at its finest!
03/22/2012 10:10AM
Rush Limbaugh
Thank you WRTA for keep Rush
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