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For purposes of this Report, a vacancy was deemed "filled" not when the offer was extended but when the hiree accepted the job offer. A person was deemed "interviewed" whether he or she was interviewed in
person, over the telephone or by e-mail.
Appendix 1

COVERING THE PERIOD FROM 3/29/2011 TO 3/28/2012
Station(s) Comprising Station Employment Unit:

Section 1: Vacancy Information
Two (2)Full-time Positions Filled
One  (1) by Own Radio Advertising (sales)
One (1) by word of mouth (local sales manager)
Total number of Interviews from All Sources for each Position
1) Sales Executive,  5 Career Link ad
2) Sales Executive– 2 from radio advertising
3) Sales Executive – 1 from Referral
4) Sales Executive, – 1 interviews Penn State Career days
5) Sales Manager – 2 Interviewed
Total Number of Persons Interviewed During Applicable Period: 11
Appendix 2
COVERING THE PERIOD 3/29/2011 TO 3/28/2012
Station(s) Comprising Station Employment Unit:
Section 2: Recruitment Source Information
Recruitment Source (Contact Name, Address, Telephone Number(s), Email
of Contact Person)Total Number of Interviewees This Source Has Provided
During This Period, Any Full-time Positions for Which This Source Was Used:
Blair County Career Link , On Line Registration, or Charles McClellan 
3001 Fairway Drive, Altoona, PA 16601, 940-6201,fax: 940-6236,
1 Position  advertised / Sales positions
12 applications referred / only 2 interviewed
YTI  , Career Services, Jennifer Mohney
2900 Fairway Drive, Altoona, PA 16602, 944-5643
0 Positions advertised
GACTC , New Choices - New Options – Altoona,
Tammie Fleck, 1500 4th Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602,
(814) 946-8562 Ext. 336
0 Positions  advertised
Penn State, Altoona, Career Services Office, Rebecca Maguda
3000 Ivyside Park, Altoona, PA 16601, (814) 949-5059,
(814) 949-5805,
1 Positions Advertised / 0 Interviewed
All Access,  Radio Info Site
1 Positions Advertised / 2 Interviewed
Appendix 3
COVERING THE PERIOD FROM 3/29/2011 TO 3/28/2012
Station(s) Comprising Station Employment Unit:
Section 3: Supplemental (Non-Vacancy Specific)
Recruitment Activities undertaken by:
The Penn State Altoona Career Fair is an opportunity for students to speak with area businesses about internships and various careers. Diane Boslet, The Station Manager, met and spoke with several interested students about many different career choices and what training is needed to enter in the Broadcasting /        Radio field and what was available in the communication field in this area.  Interviewed 4 students for full time sales position
Diane Boslet, Station Manager,  Interviewed  1 student scheduled from career opportunity program that we sponsored at the at the Altoona Penn State Campus for a full time Sales Position
There were several station tours conducted throughout the year. Each group
was led through the building by a station employee who told the group
about each department and what positions existed, and what kind of training
is needed for each position. The groups got to see the business departments, talk with several department heads, as well as the inner workings of an on-air position. Those touring the station also have the opportunity to ask our on-air personalities and the executives questions about broadcasting, communication and a radio career choice.
      Groups who toured the station included: 
      Tiger Cub Scout Troop Pack 32 from Hollidaysburg and
      Cub Scout Group 341 from Juniata, Altoona  and
      Boy Scout  Troop from Patton
      Brownie (girl scout) troop from Duncansville
Diane Boslet, General Manager, every year, assisted a non-profit organization (Life Touch Ministries) in training and mentoring their marketing, sales dept. with employment and career search maintenance along with “how to” market your business and hire the right people.  How to market for non profit business.   Held web seminars with question and answer period
Diane Boslet, General Manager, attended two Career Enhancement Seminar  sponsored    by RAB and / or  PAB covering the following subjects:
Learning how to better your management skills,  how to manage  your staff and   encourage them to move ahead in their positions and how to reach management levels in Broadcasting  Also took a 3 webinars for education based on new streaming and social media selling (from LBS)
Diane Boslet, spoke with students (4th Year) in the Work Program at the PCHS. She spoke to over 30 high school sophomores and juniors about radio advertising, marketing  and Media job opportunities, how to make an impact with marketing and using Radio along with other media.  Covered all areas of employment available in the Communication field.
Diane Boslet, Station Manager, was a guest speaker for Penn State Altoona
at a Career Fair.  Diane spoke to over 6 individual students
regarding job opportunities and the different responsibilities in radio communication.
Diane Boslet, General Manager attended a PAB  EEO Seminar, and a FCC/ Public File Seminar to further educate her knowledge on Broadcasting requirements in EEO, Public File Requirements plus other  FCC requirements for broadcasters.  These  PAB seminars are to help further educate her knowledge of her position held within the company along with keeping up with new and updated equipment, programs
and requirements in the radio field
 Report filed by:
  Diane Boslet, GM - EEO Officer for Stations
  Contact Information 
  Telephone: 814-943-6112
  Fax: 814-944-9782
  Postal Address: 2513 - 6th Avenue, Altoona PA  16602
  General Information:
  Local Sales:
  Send e-mail to with questions or comments

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